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4 Programs That Bypass the Biggies

What do I mean? Well let me share some thoughts about the “Biggies” and why I am devoted to finding programs that won’t drain your bank account.

When I fist started blogging I purchased a lot of programs I thought I needed. Social Media programs like Hootsuite for example,  and a bunch of others. I started to notice that these  programs offered  the same features and costing me money. When I added up all the subscriptions – WOW. It was killing me financially. So I started to “downsize” what I kept and tossed.

These 4 programs I’m about to share with you are ones I use, save me money, and keep coming back to use.


  1. (better than Drop Box – my opinion). This program is a constant favorite. I saves documents (ebooks, handouts, etc. If you want to share a document you can go to your box files, create a link and then share. You can also control who you can share to. I’ve used this program fofr over 10 years/ You may have to pay for this one.
  2. e-junkie – is a good solution for selling digital products. Iy’s only $9.99/month. There’s also a free version.
  3. WP Plugins for membership and shopping cart These are simple plugins to use.  They bypass Woocomerence, and other programs where you have to sign up for and create an account ib their website. There’s a monthly subscription too. I like to keep as much as I can on my own website.
  4. Get Response – I LOVE this email marketing program. I am an affiliate so I can, you too, make money. But GR offers mush – templates, conference room and more. They are always updating aand sending you current marketing ideas.

I’m always looking for free and low cost solutions that work well. Keep coming back for more ideas. Need something specific? Let me know in a comment below!

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