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Here are 6 smart blogging suggestions for anyone creating or already having a blog.

Getting started with a blog is always a challenge. Yea?

In the never-ending turbulent ocean of internet blogs and bloggers, how does one, a “spec of sand” shall we say, float to the top of the ocean and be clearly seen?

There are numerous articles discussing this very topic trying to analyze the magic some bloggers seem to have. Effortlessly, they seem to naturally rise to the top while the sea supports and carries them along …

No treading the salty waters for these guys – they create a strong current to follow.

But perhaps you feel like you’re treading the ocean’s salty waters to just breathe and stay afloat without sinking…

I know, not a happy thought and many bloggers feel this way!

So what to do?

How can a speck of sand grow some super, duper fins and rocket to the top?

It’s actually simple in theory.

But challenging because it takes action, work, persistence, following your heart, and shifting from what YOU want to thinking about your viewers – what do THEY want..

It involves changing how you perceive your potential readers and your response to them. You see, blogging for the most part is a personal experience – depending on the “purpose” or mission of the blog, right? But it also demands your reader’s experience on your blog or what’s called the “User Experience” (UX). Which has become MORE important than your “personal experience” of blogging.

So the first question you might ask yourself could be “Who would want to read my stuff? and why?”

Another question would be “What’s the social climate these days in regard to the internet and what people are looking for?”

This made me LAUGH – Jon Morrow at Smartblogger , a well known blogger for Copyblogger referred to people in general as the “Walking Dead” in one of his posts.  Ha!

When you think about it, couldn’t this be true? People are numb, bombarded with ”virtual”  information and overwhelmed. Now it seems turning off the PC or Mac is a source for instant calm only to be interrupted by life’s realities.

What would wake the “Walking Dead”? How could YOUR blog wake up a Zombie?

Yeah, writing useful content is nice – yes, IMPORTANT, and good content attracts followers – period.  What seems to be a lasting element of what people remember is how something or someone made them feel emotionally and influenced their life in someway.

The power of emotion is often overlooked and if you can incorporate it into your blogging content you’ve added magic dust and those super,duper fins will start to grow.

Maya Angelou said it best:

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.


Ask yourself – what get’s you inspired and how can you translate THAT into your blogging?


6 Getting Started Blogging Suggestions :

1. What’s the reason you’re blogging in the first place? Ok, so you love “Sand Art” and want to teach people how to make some cool sand art pictures and bottles of colored sand designs. Very cool! But avoid throwing in an article about growing mushrooms on your “Sand Art” blog. It will distract the viewer and totally confuse the hell out of them. Stick to your passion and knowledge , expand on it by writing about what you know. How can you inspire your readers to want more of you?

2. Use more visuals:  Graphics and videos.  Wait,  I see you cringing already… calm down. Creating video today has never been easier. But video can wake the Zombie and that’s what you want.  Graphics add visual interest to your website. However, less is more. There’s no need to PLASTER you site with images.  Choose images that RELATE to your site. Website Continuity is important.

3. Write with emotion. Use words that evoke emotion while you’re telling them what you want them to know. Remember Maya’s quote. Ask yourself “How can I make a difference in their lives when they read this article.

4. Just be you. There is no one on this planet like you. You own it baby, be it and share it. So don’t try to be or write like someone else – NEVER. Write the way you actually talk to someone. Hey if Sponge Bob makes you laugh and that cartoon helps you see the humor in life… use it as inspiration. Just be you. I strongly believe there is someone for everyone. Someone will resonate with you. So be authentic.

5.Never give up. Keep going. Bloggers morph with the times and you will too. Blogging in 2000 is very different today in 2014. Embrace the changes and learn from them – that’s “fin” power. Those that stop growing with change will sink to the bottom of the ocean. That’s not you.

6. Consider How Your Website Looks.  Is your content easy to read? Are you loading your website with images and ADs? Is your menu a mess? Is every area of white space oozing images, ADs, so your site doesn’t breathe?

Got “Fins”?


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