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Are you in love with PLR (Private Label Rights)?

If not, I’ll give you a few reasons why you should explore it.

I use PLR on occasion. It helps me write articles – I NEVER copy word for word. And, you NEVER should. But it helps me build vocabulary, give me ideas of what to write at times. It’s an accessible way to also inspire and expand a given PLR article.

I Recently discovered that using PLR edited by me, and replacing text with my own words can be a time saver in creating my own course. If you have several PLR articles, you can create a theme of your course then choose articles that work with the theme you’ve decided on. It’s a great idea.

So. PLR can be very helpful. Also, you CAN depending on the PLR, rewrite it and claim authority of creating it. PLR can come in the form of articles, reports, ebooks, audio, and videos.

Sometimes it’s frustrating to think of ALL the content writing needed, the hours it will take, rewriting drafts and so on. PLR can be, as already mentioned – a time saver.

Here are several other ways you can use it:


  • GIVE IT AWAY AS A BONUS when your customers buy through your affiliate link. Bonuses have proven to convert prospects into paying customers! Sky-rocket your sales using this tactic!


  • INCREASE THE VALUE of your existing product for more sales. You can do this by offering this PLR product as a bonus to your existing product. Customers ALWAYS love it when you over-deliver!


  • Use the content to POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA profiles to re-engage your followers. What better way than to simply swipe some content out of the PLR and share it on social media! It brings engagement and establishes yourself as an authority.


  • SPLIT THE CONTENT and post to your blog so readers have a reason to come back to your blog. Again, it’s as easy as swiping some content and putting it on your blog. More readers = more sales.


  • RE-PURPOSE the content for OFFLINE USE. Use it for your keynote presentations, turn it into a physical product and sell it at a higher price of $100, $200, even $500, it’s up to you!


  • Use it in your COACHING PROGRAM. Use the PLR contents as part of your curriculum when training your students.


  • CREATE A 7 DAY ECOURSE. for your newsletter subscribers. Build trust and pre-sell your list by offering tips via your autoresponder.


  • Split the eBook into 2-3 SEPARATE EBOOKS. The eBook you get in this PLR package is approx. 60 pages, which could easily be split into 2-3 smaller reports.


  • Add it as an UPSELL or one time offer in your funnel. Don’t have an upsell yet? Offer this PLR product!


  • Split the content into 52 PARTS, which gives you A YEAR’S WORTH OF CONTENT. delivered once a week!


  • TRANSLATE the content to other languages, enabling you the power to reach a wider, less saturated market!


  • INTEGRATE the product on your JV partner’s sales page as a special bonus or on their download page!


  • Add the product to your paid MEMBERSHIP SITE so you can retain and keep them active, paying members!


  • Re-purpose the content into audio or video format!
  • Add more valuable MEAT to your existing product by adding the content from this PLR product to yours!


  • Re-write, re-brand, re-title, customize, manipulate and change the product the way you’d like or simply sell it as is! It’s your choice!


  • Sell the read-only, resell rights or master resell rights to this product!
  • Even if you have no plan or desire to resell this product, you’ll get a ton of value out of what’s shared in the guides!


Explore and use PLR smartly. It can be helpful in creating content for your blog.

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