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Comparing yourself to others can be brutal

And, MORE damaging to you than to anyone else if you’re doing this – stop it.

Just let it go. Accept this truth – there’s no one like YOU on the planet earth.  So there’s no need to compare. However, you can learn from others and morph ideas to what makes sence to you.

I may be a tad abrupt in saying this, but I’ve BEEN there. It made me nuts! I was the only one hearing it between my ears. No one else noticed or said anything to me. I was telling myself:

  • Why is everyone else in Network Marketing
    doing better than me?
  • Why am I not successful?
  • Why are other bloggers having more success with their blogs?

What you tell yourself, your personal “self talk” can hold you back or propel you forward.

So let’s discuss this and get personal. Ready?

Network Marketing, blogging, and any online venture,  can be challenging yet sweet.   Challenging because no one is going to do anything FOR you. Sweet because of the rewards, and there are MANY – but you must create them.

Let’s discuss the first one – Challenges, what are they?

First and probably the most difficult is this – being your own boss. Depending on your age, generations learn different cultural standards. For example, when I was growing up there was, for my parents anyway – job security. They went to college, got a good job and retired. This is what I was taught and so many others in my age range ( 50 + years-of-age and older).

So in many ways we were, are, used to working for someone else and having the “Boss” tell us what to do. It’s  EASY to work for someone else. It’s challenging to work for ourselves.

I remember this was really difficult for me at first. Where to begin? How do I organize my time? What do I work on first? How much time should I spend on x, y, z? What do I need to learn besides everything?

Then the distractions came and went and I spent most of my time goofing off with distractions and not getting anything done.

So, choices had to be made. Which was more important – watching TV, surfing Facebook,  or learning something about my Network Marketing business?

And sacrifices had to be made on how I spent my time. This was tough because it meant spending time away from my family.


[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Being self-resourceful is a skill that I had to develop. What is it? It’s being able to find things out on my own and not depend on my upline or sponsor for the information or answers…[/tweet_box]


So if you’re asking yourself why you’re not successful – yet. You CAN be, it just means you have to do things differently. Ask yourself”

  • How am I spending my time
  • Did I look for the answers first BEFORE asking for help
  • Am I learning everything I can on my own about this business (knowing your business WILL contribute to attracting prospects)

Another challenge in being the BOSS of your Network Marketing business is reaching out to others. Many people think screaming their opportunity is the way to go. I’m sure you’ve seen this on social media platforms – it’s a real turnoff. What attracts people to you is getting to know who YOU are.

Again, here’s the BEST news ever … there is NO ONE LIKE YOU ON THE PLANET EARTH!

So if you remember this very important fact, build on it. I believe there is an audience for everyone. You just need to cultivate who you are and share information about your business from an enthusiastic, passionate point of view AND be very interested in your potential prospect. You have to find out about them FIRST and LISTEN to what they say.

As you overcome these challenges you will grow confident in yourself and you’ll do less comparing. There’s no need to compare, ever it is so damaging and will keep you from being the very BEST you can be.

As far as the sweetness of Network Marketing, there are many good things about it. The list is long, for one – residual income is a biggie.

Let’s conquer the challenges first, once you do, the rewards will come easy.

Keep me posted.


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