Ready to do a deep dive into creating a website?

First, get out  a notebook to take notes. Write it all down because you’ll FORGET! Writing down what you learn is a great resource if you ever want to teach what you know from experience.

That’s what I do . I keep a notebook  of what I explore, learn, and get ideas from.

Here’s my question to you: – WHY do you want a website? What do you plan to do with it? Now, I know  you’d like to make money with it, right? But first you have to think about what you want and then start the journey. Deciding how you want to use your website will determine the website theme.

  1. Own your website. So many good reasons to do so. You can put anything on it. Ads, guest bloggers, videos … you won’t be censored, and you don’t have to ask for permissions!
  2. Host your website with I’ve been with them for over 10 years and NEVER had any problems.
  3. Choose your WordPress theme  keeping in mind what your goals are with the website.

Now the journey begins.

All these images and the website looks confusing! What’s this and where does that go, yes?
Panic sets in and you already feel like giving up. DON’T!

When you have your website there are things you need to do to set it up – make it function for you.

The Mechanics:

  1. Go to “settings” and go through each section.
  2. Check your plugins. Get rid of those you don’t need or want to pay for.  From my personal experience, many programs on the internet and many times you can find a plugin you don’t have to pay for yet does the same thing, maybe better!
  3. Choose a permalink. You’ll find this in “Settings”. Choose the one that points to the  title of a post. Example: or page title/
  4. Set up your “User Profile“. Fill in your nick name,  your name and email. Write a brief bio. This information can show up in any post you write if you want to use an “Author Box”. Your “Nick Name” will show up when you publish an article.

There are other mechanics to understand, but this is enough to follow for now. If you have a question about something on your website use the comment box below – I will reply.

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