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The BEST self care is when we care about ourselves

A woman I know texted this to me:

“Self care hasn’t been on the top of the heap”

Why is it so easy to ignore self care, leave ourselves behind and just move through the motions of life. We will grow old, eventually have gray hair, skin sagging, and yes – wrinkles. But we can slow the process. We can enjoy our age because of the wisdom that comes with it.

I suspect this woman who wrote the text above is depressed, down on herself. I know I get down on myself and life circumstances can make a huge impact.  On a macro level the 2020 Covid year has turned the world upside down.  On a micro level our lives have been challenged in a variety of ways. Even so, self care is vital to withstand the challenges and even provides inner strength to cope with them.

Self care takes only a few minutes a day. Yet “time” is often the excuse of not attending to self care.

The magic of any result desired is in the action – not what your mind imagines.

The best self care is you and it can only be done by you

Do this:

  • Care for your skin with lotion from head to toe – the largest organ of your body
  • Meditate / daydream daily – start at one minute and increase the time daily

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