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What’s in a wrinkle? Your life, facial gestures, smiles and frowns.

Facial lines are history. A youth’s skin has yet to mark its history. Their chosen path will determine the direction of facial lines, the sorrows, happiness, and disappointments.  And skin care – or not, as well.

All worn visibly for you and all to see.

How Better Self-Care Can Lead To Less Wrinkles as We Age

Self-care is often brushed aside for things seen as more important; business meetings, social commitments, family obligations. Yes?

While these things are important (and can in some cases contribute to a lack of self-care), it’s important to take time for ourselves when we need it. This personal investment will not be a waste of time.

Actually, self-care is important if we want to improve our performance in any area of our lives – and, DECREASE stress. Taking time to maintain our physical, emotional and mental health can lead to success in many ways – including decreasing wrinkles on our skin as we age.

So how does Self Care Influence Our Lives and Skin

It Helps us to maintain perspective

Self-care, regardless of the form, allows the time to reflect and understand ourselves better as individuals. We are better able to identify our triggers and put things in to perspective, rearranging our priorities to understand what is important and what isn’t. This perspective contributes to a healthier life as we understand where stress is justified and where we should be more relaxed.  The best way to experience this is to sit in a calm, quiet place and just experience what comes to mind. Write it down in a journal.

It Helps us to stay positive
Self-care is great for our mental and emotional wellbeing. People who invest time in taking care of themselves are more likely to be more optimistic and see the silver linings in bad situations. It is an effective way for maintaining positive moods, rather than succumbing to darker emotions. Studies have shown ten minutes of meditation consistently for 6 weeks can shift a negative mind to a more positive one.

It Improves our relationships
By investing time in ourselves, we are better at interacting with and supporting others. Self-care allows us to maintain our own health and therefore put us in a good place to be able to engage with others and maintain strong relationships. It builds strength in self-identity and personal confidence.

It Improves our work performance
While self-care is sometimes seen as indulgent or selfish, it often has a much broader impact that goes beyond our own lives. People who invest in self-care are more likely to be healthier, both physically and mentally, and are therefore better prepared to perform at work. They are likely to be more focused, more emotionally stable and form stronger, more positive relationships. All of these things are highly beneficial in the workplace and will lead to greater performance.

It does take time to invest in self-care, although the benefits far outweigh the price.  We usually invest in others before ourselves.

And it helps with maintaining a healthy body and its skin
The skin that covers our body from head – to -toe is the largest organ of our body we have. It protects our internal organs. It releases toxins through sweating. It communicates physical sensations like cold, excess heat and protects us from injury and illness by staying intact – no open sores, cuts, which can invite infections/ Over time it does begin to age and there are elements that contribute to it like – smoking cigarettes, being a sun worshiper, consuming lots of sugar, food, stress. All of which stimulate chemical reactions in the body that we don’t see. And aging does decrease some of these good chemical reactions such as decreased collagen.

However, stress and the amount of it experienced can be the worst wrinkle culprit because or the stress hormones – adrenalin and cortisol

Take the time to establish a good routine that includes self-care and skin care practices,. Whatever this looks like to you, you will reap the rewards. Self-care is an important component of maintaining good health and should not be ignored.

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